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Backslope Tools was built for passion from passion. Our tools are the conduits that create our dreams. Our dreams are what drive us. Passion is why we get out of bed in the morning.  (Well, let’s not forget the great coffee).

This manifesto is for you, the user, to understand why Backslope Tools even exists at all. It is not all encompassing, nor will it cover up who we are. We are doers. We are users. We are a crew of people that want to see change in the world.  Innovation to occur.  Artwork to be created.​​



We believe that tools are more than just commodities. Tools are the devices that allow us to express our art.  Dirt and rock is our medium. Joy is our product. We believe that shapers of dirt and rocks deserve tools to complete the job to the standards of today. The McLoed and the Pulaski were all created 100+ years ago.  Other tools have been developed since. Most of them have met their maker, may they rest in peace.  Our tools will stand the test of time.  And when they don’t, and there will be a time that they don’t, we will listen and continue to innovate



Artists innovate. Innovation is a driver of passion. Tools that are used by artists are drivers of innovation through passion.


This is a manifesto. It is supposed to seem all over the place and not make sense. It is a scribbled notebook of designs from day one to now. This is supposed to be made of words cut out of magazines. We are that crazy committed in our passion to modernize and innovate the tools used by artists that create.



Our tools are the summation of many days spent in the woods, in the desert, in the mountains wanting something better. Each day would end and we would lust for something that would be better than what we had. We needed something that could stay in the bed of a pickup truck, exposed, in the parking lot of downtown. We needed something that was more comfortable to carry. We wanted something that took up less space when the season ended and the tools got stored away for the winter.  Something that was just a little bit tougher.

We believe ourselves to be creative souls. We believe that out of our creativeness comes innovation. We are passionate about what we create. You are passionate about your art.  Our artwork may be from different genres, but we all create something.  Our tools are the offering to satisfy your passion.

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