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  • Material: PVC Polyester

  • Working Load: 300lbs

  • Min / Max temperature range: -40℉ to 180℉

  • Water Resistant

  • Small: 30" x 45"

  • Large: 60" x 50"

The Haul All is the perfect tool for moving large or heavy objects by hand. The Haul All was born out of the desire to combine the heavy-duty carrying strength of high tensile rope, with the flexibility and weight savings of a webbing material.


The Haul All can adapt to a variety of transport scenarios. Its packability and small form factor when folded make it easy to transport to remote locations and the flexible nature ensures your hands don't get ripped to shreds under heavy loads.


Jay Gore
Member - Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance 

We often used surplus fishing nets as they are cheap and strong, but they catch on the ground


   The Haul All was simple and comfortable when loaded and easy to slide rocks around to position for carry.

Michael Vitti
President - CLIMB

The Haul All is much lighter and takes up way less space than our chain spartacus or nylon sling web. I can keep it in my pack without worrying about weight.


We use it to carry big locust logs and boulders. It's great to have it on hand to help carry heavy or bulky stuff.

Shawn Lorenz
Crew Chief - Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

I'm totally sold on this style net for most of our rock work. Easy to clean, light weight, doesn't absorb water and super functional without ruining your hands. I need a personal one to be in my pack on the daily ASAP.

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