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  • Handle: Fiberglass

  • Head Material: Heat Treated Steel

  • Head Thickness: 5mm

  • Available as Mini Clyde or Mini Blaze 

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Our original Mini Clyde was such a hit, we decided it needed to be its own tool. The Mini is the pint-sized brother of our groundbreaking hoe and raking tools. With a shorter 24" handle, the Mini is easier to transport in the field and allows for work in tight spaces. 

The Minis sport the same standard features found in the Backslope Striking Tools. Stay organized with wider spacing in-between tines for easy stacking of multiple tools. It also comes with a removable clevis pin on the head/handle attachment for easy packing while on the go. 

The Mini Clyde is 2” shorter from tine end to hoe end, to allow for better backpack storage, and is the perfect tool for drainage work. 

Stay organized with wider spacing in-between tines for easy stacking of multiple tools. The Mini comes with an easily removable clevis pin to allow for quick storage in your pack for jobs on the go.

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Tyler Henderson, Volunteer Trail Builder

I love the Clyde Mini for early season trail work and quick maintenance.


The fact that I can easily disassemble the tool and store it in my pack while out on the trail makes it easier to take care of drainage issues and light trail repairs when I see them, vs having to come back at a later time 


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